Start Your Fashion Business


Be An Agent

Do you have a network who appreciates unique tailored dress shirts and suits?

Modern Tailor offers 18% commission to New Zealand based Modern Tailor agents.

Sign up now! Click here. Note that you need to be registered with Modern Tailor first before you can apply as agent. If you are not yet registered with Modern Tailor, please click here to register.



  1. Break away from the monotony of your current job and start establishing an exciting new presence in the business world. Set your own hours, build your own customer base, engage with your community.
  2. Earn a generous commission for every order you send to Modern Tailor.
  3. Recruit agents under your umbrella and make extra commission on their sales.


  • Our Agent programme is perfect for people who want to invest in setting up a sustainable lifestyle business. With a minimum capital investment, you can create a career doing what you love while enjoying flexible schedules, increased revenues and long-term business relationships. You can build and train a team to work with you.
  • Assist your clients in developing their unique, fashionable image that will ultimately help them improve their lives!

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